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In the run-up to World Ocean Day –  we’re calling out to our community to highlight the many ways the ocean benefits us and the actions we need to take to protect it.

Q: What does the ocean mean to you?

A: “At SeascooterUK Ltd, the Ocean is of the utmost importance to us.

We try to be mindful of our impact on the Oceans and do so by making sure all our products are electric.

This offers propulsion in an eco-friendly, non-polluting manner with no use of harmful fluids, such as coolants or motor oils that could be leaked into the surrounding environment.

The Ocean has always been a dominant ‘Safe Haven’, offering peace and purity to us. An iconic presence, who has always deserved to be rewarded with a generous level of returned kindness and care.

It was for this very reason we chose to have our team’s tops made by OCEANR, which helped the ocean by offering the equivalent reduction of 240 Plastic bottles in our Oceans.

Oceans are an escape from the industrialised, commercial bustle of the modern day ‘structuralised chaos’, that many of us seem to cling to so fondly, as we chase our dreams and goals in ‘modern-day life’.

Responsible for supporting our lives and helping to keep us healthy, as it aids our ecosystem and grants us every second breath by contributing towards 50% of the oxygen we breathe.   

Patiently protecting our planet’s biosphere even when we’re often too busy to notice those efforts.

The Ocean is that detox, a ‘hard reset’ if you will, showcasing the planet in arguably one of its purest forms, offering tranquillity, peace, and a soothing nurture to our de-sensitised, overstimulated soul’s…

It gifts us with opportunities for fun, exploration, adventure, and even the ‘Safari of your wildest dreams’, for those willing to use our Seascooters to patiently observe their surroundings, all whilst minimising our impact and leaving the wildlife uninterrupted below the waves.


The Ocean is that unbiased friend, that always listens and never offers judgement, no matter what is going on in your life.

It’s not fazed by your past, interests, life goals, race, religion, gender, sexual orientations, or even your whether you have career successes or failures…

The Ocean always offers its purity and peaceful escapism.

It’s time we noticed this friend and showed them the returned level of kindness they’ve always deserved.

The Ocean is that unbiased friend, that always listens and never offers judgment, no matter what is going on in your life. We are ‘visitors’ of this beautiful ecosystem, and unlike a ‘Gig at a festival’… The animals of the Ocean don’t have their own ‘clean up squad’ when we go home

Thomas Sloggett, Sea Scooter

Q. In terms of ocean conservancy- what is your one wish for the ocean?

A. “That everyone learnt to love and respect the Ocean, making sure that we all focus on holding ourselves ‘accountable’, for all the small contributing factors that we can be responsible for.

Everyone talks about solving ‘climate changes bigger picture’, yet we barely accomplish the smaller, easier tasks that are much easier to resolve and play an equally important part.  

Things like; Making sure that we keep our beaches clean, that we keep our litter from entering the water when we next visit the coastlines or explore the waters in person.

Being mindful that we are ‘visitors’ of this beautiful ecosystem, and that unlike a ‘Gig at a festival’… The animals of the Ocean don’t have their own ‘clean up squad’ when we go home.”

If you’d like to learn more about SeascooterUK visit their website here.

If you’re an ocean advocate and would like to learn more about an OCEANR brand partnership get in contact today.

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