We are a diverse group of highly skilled people, who have come together from all over the world to help make a positive change to our oceans. Through our sustainable products and services, we hope to inspire and enable others to live more eco-conscious lives.

Design that

helps keep

our oceans


You’ve heard the reports – our oceans are full of plastic. Plastic that has been floating at and under the surface for decades, harming our precious marine animals, coral reefs and seascapes. At OceanЯ we’re on a mission: to reclaim our oceans by removing as much of this plastic as we can and recycling it into something new: eye-catching, boldly designed clothing and product ranges for businesses and consumers. Our ranges are custom designed in-house using eco-friendly materials and plastic free packaging.

Big changes

can often start with a

small idea.

From conversations with our founder, Tom Cotter, we like to think this journey to reclaim our oceans dates way back to his childhood, when his family would take an annual holiday to the Greek island of Lefkada. His experience there would inform his formative years – becoming an avid sportsman, a budding environmentalist and water sports obsessive.

Inspired by the passion of our founder; together we are determined to make his mission of reclaiming our oceans become a reality.

When one thing leads to another…
Something bigger.

Tom spent the next two years researching sustainable production methods that would actively contribute to the reduction of plastic pollution in our seas. Wearing every hat he could, he immersed himself in the meandering complexities of the fashion industry, from sustainable production methods to supply chains. The resulting, colourfully designed rash vest made from recycled polyester was a success, but it’s journey to fruition showed Tom that this alone would not be enough to make lasting change.

Working together to help alleviate our world’s climate challenge

And thus, OCEANR was on its way to where it is today. Supporting companies around the world to achieve their sustainability objectives – from reducing their carbon footprint and encouraging responsible consumption practices to sustainable innovation with new products and services. We achieve this by designing custom apparel and product ranges for organisations that live active lives on or near the water – with small volume production, using sustainable materials such as recycled polyester from reclaimed ocean waste, ethically produced organic cotton, and a closed loop supply chain. Together, we are reclaiming our oceans for a better future.