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5 Brands who use recycled materials

Recycling is now standard practice for most of us. Whether it’s recycling paper and glass or composting, we make an effort to do our bit for the environment. And for businesses, sustainability and eco-friendly practices are crucial differentiators in an increasingly green marketplace.

Recycled clothing is a logical next step in our quest to do better. Clothing made from recycled materials eliminates waste, cuts down on energy consumption and reduces carbon emissions. It’s a no-brainer, right?

So, if you are looking to make more ethical choices, then recycled clothing is a positive and powerful option.

Here we explain all you need to know about recycled clothing. We’ll explore the different types of recycled clothing materials. And we also give a shout-out to the top five recycled clothing brands who are leading the way.

What is recycled clothing?

Recycled clothing uses old, worn out and damaged materials and converts them into new clothes.

However, recycled clothing is not to be confused with pre-loved or vintage clothes. Of course, the upcycled clothes found in charity shops also reduce waste and the fashion industry’s harmful impacts. The difference with recycled clothing is materials are broken down before they are used to create new clothes.

And the good news is a host of materials can be used to create recycled clothing, not just fabrics. Let’s take a look at some common materials used in recycled clothing.

What materials are used in recycled clothing?

Recycled polyester: Made from recycled plastic bottles, this is a great way to reuse plastic that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Recycled nylon: The main component of recycled nylon is old fishing nets. And dumped fishing nets are a major source of plastic pollution in our seas and oceans.

Recycled cotton: Made from textile offcuts and old garments, recycled cotton is a sustainable choice. It’s manufactured using far fewer resources than new cotton.

Recycled wool: Made from old woollen jumpers, carpets and bedding, recycled wool diverts these unwanted items from landfills. And less water and energy is used in the manufacturing process.

Recycled textiles: This is a new innovation that seeks to reuse discarded fabrics both pre and post-consumer. However, separating all the different fibres isn’t an easy process. And so this form of recycled clothing is not yet widely available.

Top 5 Recycled Clothing Brands

With more brands jumping on board with recycled clothing, it’s easier than ever to look good and do good.

Here’s our selection of the top five trailblazing clothing companies that use recycled materials.


We may be just a little bit biased, but we think OceanЯ is up there with the big brands. We are one of the few companies offering eco-friendly apparel and uniforms to businesses committed to sustainability.

Our creative design team can develop a customised range of apparel for your staff using high quality, recycled materials. We specialise in the following areas:

  • Luxury hospitality
  • Diving wear
  • Sailing
  • Yacht crew uniforms
  • Yoga clothes
  • Cycling wear

Practical, durable and easy to wear, our designs also look and feel great. Made from recycled polyester and cotton, OceanЯ helps you meet your business’s sustainability goals.

Here at OceanЯ, we are always looking to innovate and improve. For example, we are currently working on using pineapple leaf fibres and apple skins as an alternative to leather.

And the exciting news is we are about to launch a beautiful collection of sustainable clothing for men, women and children.


Based in Spain, TWOTHIRDS has an extensive collection of relaxed, casual clothes for men and women.

Beautifully designed and kind to the planet, TWOTHIRDS uses sustainable materials and recycled clothing. Guaranteed free of harmful chemicals, the brand also offers vegan clothing options.


Also based in Spain, ECOALF is a sustainable fashion brand for men, women and children.

One hundred per cent vegan and made entirely from recycled materials, ECOALF is a pioneer of sustainable fashion. The company even has a colourful range of flip flops made from recycled tyres.


Another long-established zero-waste brand is California’s prAna. The company uses recycled nylon, polyester and wool in its range for men and women, including active and casual wear.

As prAna puts it: ‘one person’s trash is another person’s sweater’. And recycled fibres and materials are central to their commitment to sustainability.


Relevant newcomer ADAY is fast making its mark in sustainable fashion.

Many of the pieces in its collection for women are made from recycled clothing. And the brand has even created its own fabric called Recycled Scuba. A neoprene-like fabric, this custom material is made from up-cycled water bottles.

Recycled Clothing: The Sustainable Choice

The fashion industry is responsible for 10 per cent of global carbon emissions and around 20 per cent of wastewater. Plus, the US alone produces around 17 million tons of textile waste every year. That’s the equivalent of 29 billion pairs of jeans, which is either burnt or ends up in landfills. In the face of such overwhelming statistics, it’s pretty clear that recycled clothing is the only sustainable choice. So if you want to look good and do good, then check out OceanЯ’s collection today.