MY Fountainhead gleams with sophistication. The yacht strikes an engaging balance between its luxury interior, designed by the famed Sinot Yacht Design house, and the elegant, refined exterior, the work of the esteemed naval architect De Voogt.

The yacht’s flowing exterior facade allows for discretion and privacy for the guests. For yachting enthusiasts worldwide, MY Fountainhead is one to watch. The magnificent yacht is powered by 4 MTU marine engines. These bring her a top speed of 21 knots. 

Fountainhead is built with a steel hull and aluminium superstructure, with teak decks to add to the opulent style of the yacht. She has a length of 88 meters, designed to comfortably accommodate up to 14 guests and 24 yacht crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience.

OCEANR x MY Foundainhead case studies

The project

MY Fountainhead sought a rebrand of their crew uniforms that could help them stand out on the water, whilst also contributing to the positive future health of our oceans.

They searched for apparel that could help them meet their sustainability goals of ocean conservancy, whilst also emphasizing the elegant, sleek designs of their yacht. The uniforms had to evolve from the previous designs to meet the needs of the busy superyacht industry and its discerning guests.

Following some exciting consultations, we jointly considered three core elements of the new yacht crew collection: the crew uniform itself, the designs, and the sustainability criteria.

OCEANR x MY Foundainhead case studies
OCEANR x MY Foundainhead case studies

The apparel

MY Fountainhead desired to give their crew members the best professional experiences possible while they are out on the water. 

The uniform requirements were to span multi disciplinaries on the yacht from deckhands, chief stewards, stewardesses, and guests, to activities personnel. 

The aim of the sustainable clothing collaboration was to select and design a full set of suitable apparel for the hot and humid conditions and the level of physical activity each role on board the luxury vessel demanded.


The designs

One of the most important aspects for MY Fountainhead was the ability to convey a sense of professionalism and luxury through its apparel. Crew members are the face of the yacht, and their uniforms should reflect the high standards of the vessel.

My Fountainhead provided us with a precise design brief, that incorporated a beautiful drawing of the spectacular yacht out at sea. The collection had to contain either the full image of the yacht embroidered into the clothing or else a snippet of the yacht, leaving the full image to the imagination.

The colour palette was to follow a nautical theme, featuring navy, muted greys, whites, and beige. We used high-end sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and recycled polyester to create a polished and sophisticated look for the crew members. In addition to stylish elegance, yacht crew uniforms also need to be functional and comfortable. 

The MY Fountainhead members are often working in humid conditions out at sea, so breathable fabrics such as the organic cotton in our polos, tee shirts, and hoodies were a must. The uniforms also needed to be easy to move in, as crew members may need to climb ladders, take jet ski’s out on the water or perform other physical activities. 

As the crew onboard MY Fountainhead loved to spend time in and around the waters of the yacht, they sought a uniform supplier that would contribute positively to the future health of our oceans.



In recent years positive environmental impact in the form of renewable energy sources, conscious purchasing, ocean conservancy, and slow fashion is creating ripples in the superyacht world.

With the Monaco Yacht Show launching their first-ever sustainability hub in 2022 to highlight these prominent trends, this brought ocean conservancy methods to the forefront in the superyacht world. MY Fountainhead acknowledged the push towards sustainability and decided to overhaul their staff uniforms to meet this trend. 

We presented our creative capabilities to the crew by showing them design proposals comprising custom-designed artwork which we had previously created for other spectacular superyachts.  Whilst also conveying the eco-credentials of our sustainable fabrics, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester.

The power of our partnership was delivered in terms of the plastic they would reclaim from the ocean, the climate emissions they would offset and the marine wildlife they would protect, all achieved by collaborating with us.  After evidencing our positive environmental impact, we were given the opportunity to propose bespoke designs for a new uniform collection for MY Fountainhead.

The solution

We set to work on curating a range of sustainable clothing designed to highlight the crew’s ocean conservancy and eco-conscious stewardship efforts. The apparel was to include polo shirts, tech tees, rash vests, soft-shell jackets, organic cotton hoodies, leggings, skorts, and board shorts. As well as beautiful bespoke accessories in the form of safari hats. This was a special design for us as it contained hand-drawn detailing of the MY Fountainhead superyacht on the front. 

Our in-house design team worked closely with their crew to creatively incorporate their superyacht onto the eco-friendly fabrics of their uniforms. 

The MY Fountainhead staff were extremely proud to work on board such a magnificent yacht and sought to show it off to the world through their apparel. For example, our leggings and skorts derived from recycled polyester integrated more logos of their yacht, and the recycled polyester used in the apparel was derived from reclaimed ocean waste.  Thus, the staff could feel both stylish and comfortable, whilst also cleaning our oceans.

Our designers absolutely loved working with the nautical colours that reflected the beautiful ocean which MY Fountained sailed upon, creating an overall collection of apparel that would sit in harmony with the yacht’s surroundings.

The uniform collection was able to boast several eco-factors including being 100% carbon neutral and using eco-fabrics made from recycled ocean waste. 

For the crew members that worked onboard the deck, we custom-designed a range of cotton polos and hoodies, derived from 100% organic cotton. For those engaged in water-based activities, we created a range of rashguards and board shorts, made from recycled polyester. Further to this, for each garment supplied we remove a kilo of additional ocean waste through our partnership with Enaleia.

Following numerous exciting design consultations, we finally decided upon the perfect collection that meets the sustainability trends in the superyacht world, while portraying the beauty of MY Fountainhead to the world.

OCEANR x MY Foundainhead case studies
OCEANR x MY Foundainhead case studies
OCEANR x MY Foundainhead case studies

The impact in numbers

For each recycled polyester product MY Fountainhead purchases with us, they prevent on average 14 plastic bottles from entering our ocean.  In total, MY Fountainhead has so far prevented 8,730 plastic water bottles from entering the ocean, as a direct result of their partnership with us. 

Furthermore, MY Fountainhead has removed an additional 807 kilos of ocean waste from the mediterranean sea so far. By paying fishers to fish for plastic instead of fish, through our partnership with Enaleia.

In 2022, we planted 2500 trees to offset the impact of all orders placed. We are hoping to double this number this year. And we sent The MY Fountainhead crew their uniform in paper bags and 100% plastic-free packaging. 

MY Fountainhead sought an environmental partner to create a sustainable uniform range for their crew members that could meet all the contemporary sustainability trends of the season.

We met these trends together, MY Fountainhead participated in conscious purchasing, by choosing a uniform supplier that contributed positively to our oceans. The staff contributed to a slower fashion movement by purchasing high-quality sustainable fabrics from us, made from reclaimed ocean waste. 

This was a beautiful union of our sustainability efforts together, we are jointly committed to an ocean free of plastic, reconnecting MY Fountainhead back to its environment.

Plastic Offset through recycled materials:



OCEANR x MY Foundainhead case studies
OCEANR x MY Foundainhead case studies

The power to make a difference

The ocean is the largest ecosystem on Earth, and it is the planet’s life support system. The ocean is essential for all life on Earth, including humans. To ensure a sustainable future, we must protect and preserve healthy marine ecosystems.

We want to help you along this journey to a healthier ocean. We have helped numerous superyachts create their positive imprint on the future of our planet’s health, through stylish crew uniforms that help reduce their carbon footprint, encourage responsible consumption practices, and continually clean the ocean around them.

To sustainable innovation with new products and services, we’re actively reclaiming our oceans through collaboration with like-minded brand partners that want to help create a better future.

We can’t wait to continue to sail the seas with MY Fountainhead.

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