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Guana Island remains an unspoiled jewel of the British Virgin Islands.

Their focus on nature and conservation is evident the moment you approach the Island from the sea, since 99% of Guana Island’s 850 acres remain undeveloped and undisturbed.

A rebrand leads to an opportunity to create a new, colourful design for their staff uniforms, using sustainable fabrics.

We have worked with Guana Island since 2021. Our relationship began with a rebrand. Guana wanted to update their team wear and branded guest accessories. As an island regaled for its unspoilt beauty, Guana was interested in our sustainable clothing options for their team, and wanted to explore eco-friendly gift options for guests.

After gathering Guana’s requirements, our design team got to work. All designs feature their iconic logo, an eye-catching teal iguana. Using Guana’s brand colours of grey, navy and teal, as well as a beautiful sunset yellow, we designed a sustainable range of formalwear shirts, tech tees, polos and rash vests, as well as board shorts, hats and face masks. In the making of this range, Guana Island has helped remove over 6,500 plastic bottles from our oceans, which were used to make recycled polyester.

The end result was a range of staff uniforms that aligned with the sustainability goals of the island, maintaining its unspoilt reputation. In turn, we are proud to enable our luxury hospitality clients to turn the tide on fast fashion, by making sustainable clothing choices for their staff uniforms and guest accessories.

Designing a sustainable clothing range for Guana Island’s Guest Boutique.

We were also commissioned by Guana to design some items for their guest boutique. For their guest range, we proposed a more creative look, utilising the iconic iguana as a design feature. We repeated the iguana print along the sleeves of our recycled polyester rash vests (which proved popular with guests) and also applied a smaller version of it on our lightweight, quick drying board shorts with UPF 50+ finish. We also proposed a bright yellow kids rash vest with the iguana in white on the sleeves, which was made using 12 recycled water bottles, reclaimed from our oceans.

The end result is a range of guest gifts and apparel that meets the needs of the eco-conscious tourist. We are proud to enable our luxury hospitality clients to turn the tide on fast fashion, and help them compete in the growing sustainable tourism market. Visit to learn more.