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Cully & Sully x OCEANR Rash Guard Collaboration

By July 15, 2022January 3rd, 2024No Comments

Let’s be on guard this summer!


We are delighted to announce that we have collaborated with Cully & Sully on a sustainable rash guard range. Cully and Sully are a fantastic local Irish food business, we absolutely loved aiding them with their SouperSummer Campaign. Together with Cully & Sully, we aim to positively influence our impact on the planet (and have fun doing it).



We thoroughly enjoyed working with Cully & Sully to create their sustainable Eco-friendly rash vest range. Cully & Sully is a BCorp-certified company, they strive to meet the highest standard of verified social and environmental performance throughout their business. Cully & Sully are both avid water-sports fans, just like us, so we had to customize the range with SOUPer cute designs of Cully surfing!

We used a sublimation technique, which is a heat transfer technique that is eco-friendly as it uses less water than other printing techniques and is not only simple but also efficient in creating bright and interesting prints on fabric. Check out an image of the design below to see just how cool the designs looked! Check out Sully enjoying some delicious soup, just before he hits the waves, on the back! 



The rash vests will be used as prizes for their Summer campaign, with the Rash vest being lightweight, quick-drying, with UPF 50+ finish, and made using recycled materials. They are the perfect accompaniment to any summer adventure this year. For every rash vest you purchase, you remove 12 plastic bottles from the Ocean. Check out our fab Rashie model below! 



If you would like to take part in their campaign to win one of their awesome sustainable rash vests simply share your summer photos or stories on your social media pages tagging @cullyandsully and #SOUPerSummer ☀️. If you would also like to check out our Rash Vest range, we will just pop the link here.