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We’re excited to be sponsoring George Grisley as he makes his way to the island of Rhodes in Greece this week to compete in the European Freestyle Pro Tour. This is George’s story:

“Hi, I’m George a 22 year old windsurfer from the south coast of the U.K. I started windsurfing from age 5 and haven’t looked back. Since leaving school I have dedicated all my time to windsurfing; working as an instructor at Club Vass in the summer and travelling around the world in the winter. It’s always been my goal to be a professional sportsman so to be competing in my first international event is a dream come true”

Windsurfer George Grisley

Windsurfer George Grisley

“I am stoked to be involved with such a great brand that is run by great people! As a windsurfer the ocean is my home and it’s amazing to think that OceanЯ’s products are helping to protect and also raise awareness of the ocean’s pollution problem.”

You can follow George’s journey via his instagram and we will also be sharing updates on the OceanЯ Insta.

Best of luck George from all of the OceanЯ team!

Windsurfer George Grisley

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